The smallest batches in Finland

Konepaja Distilling Co.
Nano-distilling concept

Because being the biggest doesn't necessarily make you the best! Our rooftop is home to Finland's smallest commercial distilling company, and the first nano-distilling concept.


With a size of only 150L, our still was handmade in Portugal from 99.94% copper by one of the oldest distillery makers in Europe. It's made in the classic Alembic shape which gives the gin a round mouthfeel and a hearty body.


For the gin, we are balancing earthy and floral notes, with creamy cardamom as the star of the show, and finishing with fruity citrus.  Our goal was to make an exceptional gin & tonic, and when paired with a Fever Tree Tonic Water our Konepajan Rooftop Gin will leave you breathless.  Best enjoyed with friends on our rooftop!

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