Handmade food & drinks
+ rooftop vibes

Master Distiller


Edward spent years as a globe-trotting bartender before finally laying roots in Helsinki. Since co-founding Hills Dumplings with Filippo, he is now living his dream of distilling small batches of boutique gin on the Loi Loi Rooftop.


"We've always believed in hand-making the food in our restaurants, so this is just us taking that one step further. Now we're hand-making the drinks too, down to the choice of botanicals in your long drink."

Concept & Food Manager


"After establishing Hills Dumplings I was so excited to work on a fresh new concept together with Edward. We're so grateful to have the opportunity to keep sharing our unique vision of social dining restaurants within Helsinki. We're truly passionate about creating great dining experiences for this city and welcome everyone to come join in the fun together with us."

the entrepreneurs

What keeps Loi Loi


Our Nano-Distillery.

At the heart of our restaurant space is Finland's smallest commercial distillery. We make artisanal gin varieties by hand everyday.

Our Rooftop.

Located in the picturesque Konepaja area, our 6th floor rooftop terrace offers an alfresco vantage point to take in breathtaking views of Helsinki.

Our Cuisine.

New World Asian Cuisine with a casual and fun sensibility. Our menu is inspired by a playful interpretation of South East Asian flavours.


Restaurant Manager


"Giving a warm and personable experience to everyone walking through the door is very important to me. At Hills something very special was born, we’re taking that familiar energy, atmosphere and dope food whilst also mixing in handmade gin and a rooftop view to enjoy it all from. I’m humbled to continue this journey with the guys and can’t wait to see you all."